“Peggy stopped at nothing to get me admitted to my dream school. Right off the bat, I was able to notice her sincere compassion and care about not only me, but also about every other student she was working with. Peggy is truly on your side. At first, I was clueless when it came to writing the Common App essay. But, with her knowledge and advice, I was able to craft one of the best essays I’ve ever written to submit with my applications, and she helped to me make the application process stress-free and easy. Without her guidance, I would not have been able to use my time as wisely or finish the process as successfully. Thanks to Peggy, I am starting college at my dream school next month. Thank you so much for everything Peggy, I seriously couldn’t have done it without you!”

-Kate M.
Emory Class of 2021

“The college process is inherently an intimidating time for highschoolers and their parents. It is tough to even find a starting point, let alone progress through and complete this process. Using information she gathered in our conversations during my Junior year, she guided my parents and I towards schools that made sense from us. From there, we honed in our list to schools that made sense in terms of academics, interests, and other criteria. Then came the actual applications, which can be clunky and confusing to complete in a timely manner. Peggy ensured that I had a complete and competitive application for each individual school while steering me through sometimes confusing parts of it. Additionally, her help with the numerous essays I had to write were invaluable. In the end, Peggy made the whole college process so much smoother with her extensive knowledge on all parts of it and helped me end up at a school that I love.”

-Hayes Barton
Tulane University Class of 2021

“I could not have survived the college process without Peggy! Whenever I needed anything, I always knew she was a text away and that she would help me however she could, whether it was calling a specific college’s admissions office to get an answer or proofing my resume and essays for the hundredth time. She held me accountable and on task, but never made me feel burdened.

Peggy has countless stories that demonstrate her wealth of knowledge about the college process. She became like a second mom to me during my senior year and I’m so grateful that I had her dedication and support to guide me through this stressful time!”

-Lea M
Washington University in St. Louis Class of 2021

“Peggy’s assistance, constant reassurance, and feedback throughout the college application process has my unparalleled gratitude. She served not only as a guiding light, but also a confidant with whom I could ask any and all of my questions knowing that her response was calculated and well informed. Thank you so much Peggy!”

-Annie A. Barnard College

Class of ’21

“Peggy helped place our son in his dream school.  He went six for six with admissions to all colleges and invitations to all of their honors programs.  Peggy is thoughtful, strategic, and highly supportive.  She was a much needed shot of positivity during the process.  Peggy listens to her students, earns their trust, and ushers them effectively and efficiently through the application process.  She boosts the students to shoot for their greatest potentials while preparing them for realistic outcomes.
Thank you, Peggy.”

-Michigan 2021…Go Blue!

“Peggy was an immense help in the college process. She has an established procedure that is tailored to each student in order to accommodate one’s needs. She helped me develop an outline for the entire journey that involved regular, achievable deadlines, which left me feeling accomplished and ultimately allowed me to complete everything earlier than needed. I would have been lost without Peggy, and I am extremely grateful that she was with me for every step.”

-Grant K.
Stanford Class of 2021
(And accepted to all of my top choices)

“Looking back on my senior year, one of the reasons I was able to enjoy it so much was because of Peggy. Her immense compassion, dedication, and unwavering support made the stress of the college application process bearable. She kept me on track throughout high school, helping me decide where to apply, making sure I met my deadlines, and she was always so supportive of my ambitions. Peggy doesn’t waste time with unnecessary flattery or sugarcoating; she tells you exactly what needs to be done to reach your goals and does everything in her power to help you get there. She is so invested in every one of her students and I consider myself lucky to have been able to work with her. I have yet to meet a student who doesn’t love Peggy like their second mom. She is the greatest teacher, guide, and friend anyone could ask for, especially during one of the most stressful times in one’s life.

If you want your child to have the best shot with college applications, call Peggy now. She’ll get the job done!”
-Madhav Nair
University of Virginia ‘21

“Peggy was a true partner at a time that could have been stressful for my daughter.  She has great knowledge and insight into the process of applying to college.  It’s like having an admissions insider at your dining room table.  I have no doubt that things will go just as smoothly every step of the way with my son who is a senior this fall. Megan, our daughter, is a student at Harvard Class of 2018.”
-Michelle S

“Peggy’s advice and expertise were invaluable to us because our son was applying to California schools about which we knew very little.  Peggy’s knowledge of these schools, their preferences and the portfolio submission process was incredibly important.  Our son was admitted to every school to which he applied: USC, UCLA, Chapman, LMU, Vanderbilt, and UT.  Our son will be attending USC on a scholarship!!!”
-Shannon S.

“Peggy is the BEST! We are on our 3rd child with Peggy! She is diligent and honest. All of our children have enjoyed working with Peggy and we have been very satisfied, as well.  Our two other children were able to get in to all the schools where they applied and were able to go to the college of their choice. You will not be sorry you hired Peggy. Only sorry you did not!”
-Jan D.

“Peggy was the single greatest resource I had during my process of applying to colleges. She was incredibly helpful with deciding which colleges I should apply to as well as the application process itself. Knowing the ins and out of the college process, she was a necessity in helping me get all of my applications written, thoroughly edited, and submitted within the early deadline for every single university that I applied to. Her response rate for questions was phenomenal, sometimes sending feedback for questions within 2 hours of me sending them out to her. I don’t know how I would have gotten through the college application process without her and she is an absolute necessity to any student hoping feel confident in their applications and have a smooth and painless process in applying to college.”
-Adam Konig
University of Michigan Class of 2019

“Mrs. Amdur’s enthusiasm and confidence is contagious and she goes over and beyond what others would have done.”
-Hussain L.
Duke 2013
Duke Medical School 2017

“Peggy is awesome!  She enabled us to enjoy our son senior year.  She kept him on task and ahead of the game.  She developed a trusting and personal bond with him.  We are grateful for having her as part of our team.”
-Barbra A

FullSizeRender“I would recommend Peggy to any rising senior who is feeling intimidated and overwhelmed by the college process (in other words—EVERY rising senior!) Her knowledge of the process is unmatched, and she helped me immensely to hone my skills into presentable, and ultimately successful applications. Peggy always focused, her time management is flawless, and she kept me on track every step of the way. Peggy is the best and I am deeply grateful to have crossed paths with her in the midst of a high-pressure time!”

-Sadie L.
University of Texas 2020
P.S. I was accepted to every college I applied!!!

“At every step of the college application process, Peggy ensured I stayed on task, met my deadlines, and was sufficiently informed. She always showed up with a positive attitude and unerring punctuality. She did all this and was totally supportive without being invasive. When it came to applications she was always brimming with ideas and how to guide for the best application possible.”
-Brent W.
University of Pennsylvania Class of 2020

“Peggy Amdur is, without question, the BEST!  I have never met someone with so much energy and passion for what she does.  Peggy truly cares about each and every one of her clients – she is their biggest cheerleader! –  And was always there for us whenever we had a question (or were in a panic!).  Even though we knew she was working with other students, she always made my daughters feel like they were special.  I never felt like there was any kind of competition between her clients.  When filling out applications, Peggy made sure that everything was submitted early, and was meticulous in reviewing every single document that was submitted. She truly knew which colleges would be the best fit for my daughters, and was realistic in her recommendations as to which colleges they should apply to — she was brutally honest, which was very refreshing!  One of our daughters is a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, and our other daughter is a junior at the University of Texas.  We can say, without hesitation, that these are the schools where our daughters belong — they are thriving both in and out of the classroom – and we have Peggy to thank for leading them in the right direction.  The money we spent on Peggy Amdur was money well spent!  We wholeheartedly recommend her!!”
-Laurie C.

“A huge thanks to Peggy at College Choices for helping my son and I through a hectic few months of college applications. We are excited to say that he was admitted into all of his top choices. She is great to work with and knows what she is doing. I would recommend her to anyone who is willing to dig in and do the work with her. She will meet you at 6:30 in the am if that is what it takes to get something turned in on time. My only regret is I am out of kids for her to work with!”
-Sheree Rose and Ryan Rose


“I would have been lost without Peggy Amdur during the college process. Peggy kept me organized and she knows what schools are looking for. She is a great resource to have along your college journey. I couldn’t be happier at Northwestern and I am so thankful that Peggy helped me get here.  Thanks for being the best!”
-Brianna K.
Northwestern University Class of 2019

“Throughout the college process, Peggy was not only a college counselor, but a second mom to me. She is so knowledgeable about her field (this includes knowing about athletic recruiting and contacting coaches), and truly helps her students make the best choices when it comes to applying to schools. She knows how to help you every step of the way and is a very calming and reassuring presence during the very stressful college process.  Peggy is the best college consultant a student could ask for!”
– Hayley I, Harvard Class of 2019

“…her peristence and passion, to follow through, is why my son has been accepted to three excellent colleges so far.”
-Suzanne H.

“Peggy transformed what could have been an agonizing process into one that was most enjoyable for the entire family…[she] is a real asset to Dallas’ college-bound students and their families.”
-Jeff L.

“Peggy was invaluable to us in navigating through the admission process.  She deserves the highest recommendation possible.”
-Gary R.