I am honored to write a testimony on behalf of Peggy, the most wonderful college counselor on the planet. She not only helped me navigate this difficult process, but helped me get into my dream school, Yale University. From the moment I met Peggy I knew that we would become best friends. There is no one I would’ve rather navigated this process with. Peggy is one of the most hardworking, determined, enthusiastic, and optimistic people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. She will fight for you through every step of the process, making what is usually the most stressful part of high school a breeze. Peggy is not only a college advisor, but a second mother. She takes a personal interest in every student’s story and background, making sure that your application highlights your best strengths. Her guidance is unparalleled, and her expertise is truly beyond the realm of college advising. She is a phenomenal mentor and made time for me through every step of the process. There was never a time I couldn’t count on Peggy. Even if I called her at 3AM worried about an essay I had written, she would respond immediately and address my concerns. Peggy’s ability to work with all of her students in such great depth is truly one of her best strengths, and is in my opinion, one of the reasons that she stands out from the other college advisors I worked with before finding her.

I am unbelievably grateful for my experience with Peggy. Peggy’s unwavering patience, determination, attention to detail, and compassion truly made this an unforgettable application season for me. I will cherish every zoom call and essay. I couldn’t thank you enough Peggy. There is no one I would recommend more as a college advisor.

I love you Peggy!


Yale  2028

Peggy was an incredible mentor throughout the many months I spent on the college process. She was there for me beyond the hours of our sessions to answer any questions I had and did an awesome job editing each and every one of my many essays down to the tee. Peggy is the ideal college consultant and truly cared for me more than I could’ve imagined. With the help of Peggy, I was accepted into twelve out of the fourteen schools I heard from and will be attending the University of Michigan in the fall. I couldn’t recommend Peggy enough; anyone working with her is incredibly lucky!

Camryn Michigan 2028

Working with Peggy was the absolute best. I am so grateful to have had her by my side guiding me through the college process. Peggy worked closely with me to make my dream of getting into the University of Texas at Austin come true. We worked together to brainstorm essay ideas, carefully select majors, and complete applications to the best of my ability. She made sure I submitted everything on time and constantly pushed me to do the best work I possibly could. All college counseling aside, Peggy became a friend to me. Every session we would have great conversations about anything and everything. She is truly the best, and I wouldn’t change anything about my experience. I am so grateful I found her!

Lola University of Texas 28

I can’t thank my Peggy enough for the incredible support and guidance she provided throughout my college application process. Her expertise and dedication played a pivotal role in helping me get into the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

From the very beginning, Peggy took the time to understand my aspirations, strengths, and interests, creating a strategy to highlight my unique qualities in my applications. She was always available to answer my questions, review my essays, and provide constructive feedback, ensuring that my applications were as strong as they could possibly be.

Her knowledge of the college admissions process gave me confidence throughout the process. She provided me with insights into what admissions committees look for in prospective students and how to portray my story in the best way.

An example of this was when I was writing my third essay, which was a thank you letter, for the University of Pennsylvania. Other people had told me to write the essay in Spanish since it would be original and since it would make me stand out. However, reflecting about this with Peggy, we concluded that writing the essay in English was the best way to go about this essay. I think that this correction was pivotal in my acceptance to the University.

Apart from this, she has mastered the process of writing resumes and encouraging different styled resumes for different schools. Her dedication and hard work of getting things back on time made this whole process less stressful.

I highly recommend Peggy and College Choices to anyone seeking guidance in their college application process. Their commitment to their students’ success is truly impressive, and I am incredibly grateful for all they have done to help me achieve my goals.

Alonso Carrillo – Wharton ‘28

Working with Peggy for my college applications was one of the best decisions I have made. She is straight to the point, organized, and knows what she is doing. She makes sure you aren’t missing deadlines and is very thorough. With Peggy’s help, I was confident that my essays were clear and free from errors. With all of her help, I was able to get into my dream school, the University of Virginia. Thank you Peggy!

David UVA 2028

I started working with Peggy the summer after my junior year of high school. Amidst a restless, and stressful point in my life, Peggy continuously supported me. With any question I had, I knew that a simple call to Peggy (at any time) was always the answer. Peggy was always quick to respond to my emails, discuss my concerns, and simply talk about elements of my life that eventually became my strongest essays. Besides being a very hardworking and diligent advisor, she also has an amazing sense of humor and can always make me laugh— even if it was when I had dozens of essays to finish. In moments when even my family didn’t understand the emotions I was experiencing, Peggy did– and always knew how to comfort me. From the day we met to the day I received my decision, Peggy was my number one supporter. Peggy Amdur supported me through the hectic process, pushing me to stay on task and always being there to talk. I can proudly say that working with her has allowed me to express my identity most authentically.

Anika University of Pennsylvania 28

Throughout the college process, Ms. Amdur has been there for me every step of the way. Whether I needed help early in the morning, or late at night, she always made herself available. Her vast knowledge of the college process was invaluable, and she helped me get into the college of my dreams.

Rice 2028


Thank you so much Peggy! You were an integral part of this process, and I couldn’t do it without you! For your website you can use the following description of your service:

Peggy was a huge help with the college process. She made it so easy and allowed me to find the place that was the best fit for me. I could not have navigated this confusing process without her help, so I am forever grateful for her.

James, Wake ‘28

Thank you again!

James Sutherland

Peggy is not only the best person in the world to work with, but she is also the most kind, encouraging, and humous person I know. I never once throughout my college application process doubted Peggy. I never felt stressed and I always knew I could give her a call at any point in the day. Her guidance and support allowed me to navigate my senior year of high school in such an impactful way. I am forever grateful for the relationship we built, the time we spent together, and her expertise helping me get into my dream school! Peggy genuinely cares, and she has ignited a light in me that I can’t wait to take to college and beyond. Thank you Peggy for being my rock, you truly are magic!!

Lainey University of Texas 2028

Working with Peggy was the best decision I made during my college application process. Aside from the basics like formatting my resume, she helped me dig deeper into my essays and maintain originality in my responses, bring a unique twist to a supplemental, and expand on ideas I thought I couldn’t say anything more about. Peggy pushed me to be my best and gave encouraging feedback along the way. I felt like my essays were truly a reflection of myself and a product of hard work. Once college decisions rolled around, I was so proud to learn that I’d been accepted into all my top schools with additional offers from honors programs and scholarships. Peggy’s support made the biggest difference in my experience, and I loved knowing that I truly had her rooting for me! I’m so excited to start at UT in the fall and cannot thank Peggy enough for her guidance and love!

Thank you so much!

Sawyer  University of Texas Plan II

“When navigating the uncertain and scary times that are college applications and decisions, Peggy was the lighthouse in the middle of a turbulent and unpredictable storm. No one understands the process like Peggy. Her strong and helpful hand was exactly what I needed to succeed. She is there along the way to help with every aspect of the undertaking, but allows you to remain in firm control of your college choices. I couldn’t have done it without her; I am truly, truly grateful for her.”

– Rhys Flynn Tufts 2028

Hi I’m Gigi Enrico and I had the pleasure of working with Peggy for my junior and senior year application process. From the start, Peggy was very encouraging and determined to help me succeed. She pushed me to do my work and helped me stay on my feet as I began filling out my common app and choosing colleges. With lots of knowledge and experience, Peggy was able to guide towards schools that fit my interests and were available for me as an individual. I am so grateful that Peggy was always ready to help and meet with me when needed. I think her editing skills and insight into the writing portions of college applications aided me the most out of all. For my fall semester, I am attending Duke University where I got in Early Decision and I thank Peggy for helping me reach my goal and finding the right fit for me.


Gigi Duke 2028

I cannot stress how helpful Peggy has been throughout my college admission process. There have been so many moments where I have felt lost and unsure on the next steps of my admission, as well as all the obscure and random forms I had to fill out or steps I had to take. Peggy is extremely knowledgeable and helped me keep everything in order and organized. Not only that, but she made important revisions to my essays that improved their quality significantly. I don’t think I would have gotten into TCU without her.

Joey TCU 28

I am honored to write their testimonial for Peggy. She embodies the qualities of persistence, kindness, tough-love, and passion. When my mom told me I had a zoom meeting with my new college counselor, I didn’t know that she would end up being a part of my family. From the moment I first spoke to Peggy, her unwavering determination and never-give-up attitude left a long-lasting impression on me. Regardless of the challenges that came our way, she kept me in great spirits and persisted with unmatched resilience, constantly pushing me to achieve my goals. Her persistence is truly inspiring and has motivated me to overcome my own obstacles and learn that nothing is ever impossible.

Beneath her tough exterior lies a heart of gold. Peggy’s kindness knows no bounds. She goes above and beyond to lend a helping hand, offer support, and uplift those she works with. Whether it’s an early morning or late night meeting, she consistently displays empathy and compassion, making a significant difference in the lives of others. Most importantly, Peggy made me feel loved and that I was one of her own children. I not only wanted to write my best work for myself, but also for her.

Peggy’s tough-loving nature is what makes her one of the most special people I have ever met. She pushes forward in the face of challenges and never backs down. She also provides honest feedback and never sugar-coats anything. Her tough-love approach stems from a genuine desire to see others succeed and chase their dreams. It is her rare combination of persistence, kindness, and tough-love that sets Peggy apart. Her drive and energy is infectious. She approaches everything she does with unmatched enthusiasm, pouring her heart and soul into every little task she does.

Peggy is an exceptional individual who exemplifies the qualities of persistence, kindness, tough-love, and passion. Her relentless pursuit of success, coupled with her genuine care for others, makes her a truly remarkable person. I am grateful to have crossed paths with her, as she has taught me invaluable life lessons and has left an everlasting impact on my journey. I plan to continue to speak with Peggy on a regular basis as she has become a significant part of my life as well as my family’s.

Although this testimonial does not encompass the full force and traits of Peggy, I hope it gives a glimpse into how exceptional she is. You are not only getting a college counselor, you are gaining a family member, who is willing to do whatever it takes and be there for you through thick and thin.

University of Texas 2027

I am grateful to provide this testimony for my incredible college counselor, Peggy, who played a pivotal role in helping me secure admission to my dream school, Tulane University.From the very beginning, Peggy demonstrated a level of dedication and expertise in guiding me through the horrible college application process. Her extensive knowledge about the admissions process, with her genuine passion for helping students succeed, made her an invaluable resource throughout my journey. Peggy’s guidance was not only limited to just completing applications and meeting deadlines, she went above and beyond to understand my aspirations, strengths, and interests. She took the time to get to know me on a personal level, which allowed her to provide advice and recommendations that truly showcased my unique qualities. Her ability to extract the best of my abilities and experiences and translate them into college application material was truly remarkable. The entire process, Peggy’s unwavering support and encouragement kept me motivated and confident, even during the most stressful times. She was always available to address my concerns, answer my questions, and provide feedback on my essays. Her attention to detail ensured that every aspect of my application was perfect and showed my strengths effectively. One of Peggy’s greatest strengths is her ability to establish a genuine connection with her students. She genuinely cared about my success and made me feel like I was her top priority. Her positive attitude, patience, and belief in my potential empowered me to push beyond my comfort zone and strive for excellence in every aspect of my application. Thanks to Peggy’s guidance, I will be attending Tulane University. I am forever grateful for Peggy’s unwavering support, expertise, and mentorship.

To anyone seeking a college counselor who is invested in your success, I wholeheartedly recommend Peggy.

Tulane 2027

At the beginning of my college process, I felt lost. How was I going to be able to tackle such a nuanced process? I asked around my school, and one name kept coming up: Peggy Amdur. I took a chance and called her the summer before my senior year, and I quickly realized why she was so well-recommended. Not only did Peggy help me streamline my application, she gave me clear deadlines for when I should finish my deliverables. It became easy for me to submit to 17 colleges and universities. Thank you, Peggy for being my guardian angel throughout this process.

George Washington University 2027

Peggy is an excellent college counselor! She pushed me to believe in myself and work hard on my applications, and gave me advice that ended up helping me be accepted into nearly all schools I applied to! I even got a full ride scholarship into one of my dream schools (largely thanks to Peggy’s assistance). Any student would be lucky to have her guide them through this challenging process.

Vanderbilt 2027

I have nothing but positive things to say about working with Peggy throughout my college application process. It was my goal to complete all applications before Christmas break. When I told Peggy about my plan, we made a timeline together and got everything done two weeks before. All essays were returned within 24 hours with thought-provoking feedback and carefully made edits. Peggy was not only a great guide, but a friend. I could tell she truly cared about how I was doing and kept pushing me forward with funny stories and words of encouragement!

Thank you, Peggy!
Ana Boston College ‘27

Working with Peggy was a blessing. I was the oldest child in my family, so it was the first time we had ever gone through the college process. We had no idea what to do. Peggy helped me and my family through every step, devoting so much time, care, and effort into every part of the journey. She made me feel confident and excited to apply to colleges. Peggy has also become one of my best friends. Even though she was my college counselor, she was also a person I could talk to about my day and come to for advice about life. Peggy and Jordan were incredibly efficient, communicative, and thoughtful. I am so grateful for everything they have done for me.

Lian Hahn Vanderbilt 2027

I loved working with Mrs. Amdur during the 2022-2023 school year! She worked so well for my older brother (Cornell University ’25) that I knew I wanted her to help me when the time came. Although she only knew me vaguely when we started, she knew me so well in a short amount of time and it was very beneficial when she was reading my writing. She instinctually knew when I was merely scratching the surface of a prompt and needed to dive deeper. She helped me write in a more interesting and personal way, which is favored by many top universities. I never fell behind because she called me at least once a day. My applications were flawless because of the time and effort she dedicated to sit with me on Zoom calls and turn in each application with me. Even though I was dealing with many hard classes and tedious extra curriculars during this application season, Mrs. Amdur made it feel stress-free. She was my biggest cheerleader through this process and it was so nice to be around her good cheer and constant support.
She helped me secure a spot at my top choice school, Cornell University, in the regular round. I am committed to Cornell and am excited to join the Class of 2027. Go big red!

Laya Cornell 2027

“Working with Peggy relieved so much of the college stress and truly made the progress so much more manageable. She gave great advice, was always on top of things, and was there to support me the entire way. I am so grateful to have worked with Peggy and would highly recommend her to all high school students.”

Campbell Scheer Wake Forest ‘27

Peggy is an absolute gem. I am so fortunate that our paths crossed during one of the most difficult and stressful undergraduate college admission years. It seemed that most students, irrespective of where they fell on the educational spectrum, were either getting deferred or outright rejected from many schools. Peggy had an innate ability to appreciate the unusually difficult and competitive college admissions environment; she would proactively pivot as the circumstances warranted in order to put me in position to stand out from the crowded field of applicants. It is a common misconception that a college advisor can get a student into his or her dream school. While responsibility ultimately lies with the student, Peggy was there at every step of the way. She counseled me early and often, pushed me to think outside the box and provided a compassionate voice when I needed words of encouragement. Peggy also made me feel like I was always her priority, even though I knew she was extremely busy counseling many other prospective students. No matter the time of day or night, Peggy was always there for me. It was evident to me early on in the process that Peggy didn’t view me as merely a “client.” She genuinely cares for all of her students. Not only did Peggy instantly become my trusted college adviser throughout the entire college admissions process she also became someone who I am confident will be connected to me throughout my life. There’s only one Peggy in this world!–

Josh Roth University of Texas 2027
Love S.A. Foundation

Dear Peggy,
I cannot express enough how grateful I am for your unwavering support and guidance throughout my college application process. Your expertise, patience, and dedication have been instrumental in helping me achieve my dream of getting into UT. Your dedication to my success did not stop at just helping me with my application. You went above and beyond to make sure I had the best application possiblet.As I reflect on the journey to this moment, I can honestly say that I could not have done it without you. Your guidance and encouragement gave me the confidence to believe in myself and my abilities. Because of you, I am able to attend my dream school and pursue my academic and career goals.Words cannot express my gratitude enough, but I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have made a huge impact on my life, and I will always cherish the memories and the lessons learned during this process. Love you.

University of Texas 2027

The college process can be very unpredictable and intimidating. I didn’t know where to start. With Peggy Amdur’s help, I have found my dream school that I will soon call home for the next 4 years. As a singer and high school student my schedule was full, so I wanted to apply early, Peggy made the process as efficient as possible. She not only helped me with her years of experience of working in the industry, but she never failed to bring a smile to my face while working with her. Peggy is supportive, sweet, and truly cares about every one of her students. It was a pleasure working with her and I am forever grateful.

Sophia Treadway Clemson27

Working with Peggy gave me insight on what colleges want to see, and how I could show that in my application. Not only that, she kept me on pace even at my most procrastinate moments. I am so thankful for having had her as a guiding resource in my college application process.

Will NYU 2027

Without Peggy’s guidance and support, I would have been completely lost in the college admissions process. From crafting a college list to brainstorming essay topics, Peggy was always available and willing to help. Peggy frequently reached out to me, not only to make sure I was on track with deadlines, but also to ask how I was doing. Peggy was one of my biggest cheerleaders throughout the admissions process, calling me anytime I told her about an acceptance and screaming over the phone with me. I would not have gotten into some of my top colleges if it wasn’t for Peggy’s expert opinion on my college essays. I truly believe her input is what made my application stand out. I am incredibly thankful for Peggy and everything she has done to get me where I am today.

Audrey Garner
University of Colorado at Boulder ’27

Peggy Amdur is an amazing college counselor because she doesn’t just give the textbook advice. She considers you as an individual, evaluates your strong suits, and uses them to help you create the best college application possible for you. She not only helps you go amazing places, but helps you feel good getting there, reminding you of these strong suits at every corner. I love Peggy!!!

Vanderbilt, 2022

Peggy is one of my top five favorite people in the entire universe. She is more than just a college counselor; she is your application mom, and I felt so happy to have someone like her fighting by my side during this process. She is the perfect mix of kind, funny, and business, and she expertly guided my application so that I could present my best self to every university. She responded to questions immediately, and I received feedback on all my essays in less than twenty four hours. I have no doubt that if it weren’t for Peggy I would not be attending Harvard in the fall, and I cannot express how much of a game changer she is in this process. I am eternally grateful for her, and I strongly recommend her for anyone’s college admissions process.

Cole Boyd
Harvard 2026

With the terrifying reality of applying to colleges upon me, I turned to Peggy Amdur and her resources to assist me through the process. Not only did she help me in finding the right college for me, but she was also a main reason I was accepted to that school. As I rigorously worked through applying to 10 schools, Peggy knew what each school looked for in a student. Peggy and I collaborated to come up with great essays and applications, showcasing my strengths and turning my weaknesses into abilities worth exhibiting.

Cornell University, specifically the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, was an unrealistic dream of mine as I began to apply to colleges. With the hard-headed mentality of applying Early Decision ingrained into me, I was sure I would use the once in a lifetime opportunity to reach for the unachievable dream: Cornell University. Thanks to Peggy’s expertise in the college application process, she was able to guide me through the difficulties of making a great application come to life. After hours of continuous hard work, we finally finished my “perfect” application.

On December 13 at 7:00 pm, I opened my Cornell University acceptance letter and I had Peggy to thank for it.

Daniel Abbo
Cornell University ’26

I could not have navigated the college process nearly as smoothly as I did without Peggy. I knew almost nothing about the application process at the beginning of eleventh grade, but Peggy’s clear explanations about everything from the college list to my resume to recommendation letters and her emphasis on deadlines ensured that I both understood what I needed to do and completed everything on time. Moreover, her suggestions for my essays were tailored to my writing style and amplified the messages I hoped would shine through my work. But, most importantly, Peggy constantly reminded me of the big picture, proving to me that the work was manageable. Because I wasn’t so overwhelmed, I felt more confident in what I submitted. Peggy gave me ownership of my college application experience, but she was simply a text or phone call away to answer any questions I had. I am beyond grateful for Peggy’s expert advice and truly enjoyed working with her!

Emory University ’26

Working with Peggy was such an integral part of my college admissions process because she provided me with specialized advice and help that no other source was able to. I would not have been able to navigate the intricacies of the Common App and Apply Texas portals without her extensive knowledge of each portal and understanding of what colleges were looking for. Also, Peggy helped me perfect my essays to assure that they were meaningful to my experiences and would provide the best glimpse of myself to a college. Peggy also helped me stay on track with my application timeline during one of the busiest times of senior year. I don’t think I would have been able to get into my top school without her constant motivation and belief in my abilities. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to stay organized and put their best applications forward during the college application process because her experience and knowledge of the process is unmatched.

USC 26

Overwhelmed with the daunting college admissions process, I desperately needed Peggy’s helping hand to guide me.

I did not have faith that I would get into my dream school until Peggy encouraged me and helped me tailor my resume to make it possible. She walked me through step by step and was always available for any questions. When i needed to appeal, she helped me write the best essay expressing why I wanted to be at UT that I could not have done without her help. She knew what the school was looking for and helped me tailor my response accordingly. Peggy opened so many doors for me that I could not have opened on my own. I truly believe her wisdom in the admission and appeals process is the reason I get to attend my dream school. She is an incredible encourager and works tirelessly to get you where you want to be.

University of Texas Class of 2022

I really enjoyed my experience working with Peggy throughout the college process! She has a lot of unique insight into the admissions process, and she helped me to create my college list, stay on top of my college emails, and fill out my applications. She was especially invaluable in writing essays, from brainstorming ideas to drafting to finalizing. Her editor would always return my drafts within a day with helpful comments and edits in order to polish the writing while still keeping my own voice and ideas. I would strongly recommend Peggy’s college counseling for anyone going through the process!

University of California Berkeley, Class of 2022

The college admissions process seemed extremely daunting and at first and I had no idea how to approach it but having Peggy as my college counselor made the process as easy as possible. Peggy was there every step of the way, morning, or night always just a phone call away and eager to help.  Applying to 16 schools was not an easy task but Peggy walked me through it all and I can confidently say that I am ending up where I belong because of Peggy. This year I will be attending the University of Texas at Austin as an Advertising major in the Moody College of Communications where I will be in the Moody Honors Program. I wholeheartedly believe that I would not be where I am today without Peggy and I could not have gone through the college process without her. I am lucky to have gotten to work with such an amazing and thoughtful college counselor and I am forever grateful that I was able to share this experience with Peggy.

University of Texas Class of 2026

As someone who was initially skeptical of bringing in another voice to my personal college journey, I am so grateful to have found Peggy and have her guide me through this process. While others wavered, Peggy’s belief in my application gave me tremendous confidence to continue to shoot for my dreams. She was there with me to submit every application and made sure I double-checked every sentence I submitted, all while maintaining an extremely positive outlook. Her unmatched insight on my essays were what I believe were the difference in my application. I owe her an immense amount of credit for helping me stand out in this difficult process and get accepted into my top choice school!

University of Pennsylvania ‘26

As the first child in my family to apply to college, the idea of applying to college was very nerve racking. Without someone like Peggy I don’t know what I would have done! She is there to help you every step of the way and has it down perfectly. Everything is done in a timely manner with fast responses and her editors do an incredible job of getting things back to you as soon as possible. On top of that, you can tell that Peggy truly cares about her clients and helping them succeed. I look forward to meeting with her and she is determined to help in any way she can. To be frank, I had a difficult college process with decisions and I cannot imagine how stressful it would be without Peggy. She persistently worked hard and in the end helped me into the school I wanted to go to. She is an experienced counselor who knows the ins and out of every step of the college process- but what makes her truly special is how hard she works. She goes above and beyond for her clients and I don’t think I would have gotten in where I did without her help!

Ella Mizerany
University of Texas 2026

During the college process an applicant must write many different essays, display years of extracurricular and community service endeavors, and alter their résumé to the application’s specifications. To say the least, the college application process can be very overwhelming. However, working with Peggy Amdur alleviates stress because she helps you from the beginning of the process, with choosing a college list that is best for you, to the very end, as she cheers you on when you commit to a university. In my experience, working with Peggy helped me stay accountable and timely with the tasks I needed to complete, gave me the opportunity to discuss and bounce ideas off of an expert in the college admissions field, and helped me enjoy the process of deciding my future. I am grateful that I was able to go through this process with Peggy Amdur in my corner because she is persistent, approachable, and she does everything she can to help her students.

Claudia Hurst
Michigan ‘26

From helping me to narrow down my list, formatting resumes so that they’re as compelling to admissions officers as possible, and giving suggestions on essays and supplements, the work Peggy puts in is immense. Not only does Peggy do all of that, but I’m not waiting days to hear back. I received edits and comments on everything I sent her within two days, and no matter what time I called her—whether that be sunrise or sunset—Peggy always had time to spare to chat and focus on me.

Peggy isn’t just a college counselor. She’s there to be a close friend and confidant to any of her clients. Whether it’s us chatting late at night about my college-related anxieties or us going out to grab lunch, Peggy makes her clients feel that what they’re getting extends beyond just the tools of a college counselor and essay editor.

Leah Nutkis
Rice University 2025

I was overwhelmed by the number and variety of colleges that sent me information! My parents cared a lot but were far from experts. I felt like there were so many choices and in the age of the COVID distancing, how would I choose and how would I make sure to to stand out to my ideal universities?

College Choices, and especially Peggy Amdur was amazing. First she interviewed me for 2 hours, understanding who I was, what I wanted, and what was unique about me. Then she helped me choose schools to balance my chances of getting in. She had a structure and timeline that helped me feel like we were on track. She was able to help me balance everything that needed to be done at the same time as I was going to high school, founding a charity and being captain of the HS volleyball team. We focused on my essays and my common app to ensure that it felt like me and presented me in the best way.

I am beyond thrilled to say that I will be joining the Class of 2025 at Notre Dame and Peggy was a big part of making this happen!

Charlotte Lassarat

The college admissions process is by far one of the most stressful experiences I have watched my friends go through. Yes, I say “watched” because for me, it felt like a breeze with Ms. Peggy. As a student who took the International Baccalaureate, a program which requires you to write over eight research papers and take subject exams, and simultaneously worked to keep up with the SAT and my GPA, Peggy facilitated my college admissions process to such an extent that I felt as if I had only school to worry about.

Peggy will always reach out to you and update you on deadlines, information, and college essays, and her knowledge about colleges and their admissions processes seems infinite. When applying for the prestigious Kelley School of Business at Indiana Bloomington, she knew the exact minimum GPA/SAT requirement, what they were looking for, and she immediately informed me about additional essays I had to submit.

Essay writing is also one of her primary focuses, as essays are a key component to the college admissions process. Peggy and her editor have a great understanding of what colleges look for within their essays; above all, they know how to elevate your voice within your writing while working with you to ensure your message is extremely cohesive and reflective. If you are stumped on an essay, don’t be afraid to give Peggy a call, because she will guide you entirely through the prompt and you might find yourself delving into conversations with Peggy that will make your essay bloom.

However, my favorite aspect of Peggy’s is her personality. Peggy is like another mother to me; on top of caring for you, she is extremely personable. She is super funny and so much fun to talk to—even when we are talking about colleges. But most of all, and it’s something I think many counselors these days are missing, I appreciate her brutal honesty. Just to lay it on the table, the college admissions process requires you to be brutally honest if you want to go to your dream school. The flaws in your essays and GPA/SAT(in relation to your dream school) are entirely emphasized by Peggy. Peggy gives directions and establishes your goals in the college admissions process (a time which can be hectic for many people). If your dream college is one that is out of your reach, she will be honest about your chances, but will support you completely if you decide to go for that college.

All in all, if someone were to ask me to help them with the college application process, I would immediately refer them to Peggy. Even during the pandemic, I felt like I was consistently prioritized, from receiving feedback on my essays to receiving consistent (sometimes excessive) information updates. Although we only saw each other over Zoom, she made every second count. Peggy truly made the college process feel like a breeze for me. I can comfortably say that it was because of Peggy that I was able to get into my dream school.

Thanks to the funniest second mom in the world, Peggy Amdur! I will forever be grateful to you!

Kaden Ahmad
University of California Los Angeles(UCLA), Class of 2025

With college admissions getting increasingly competitive each year, you’re going to need someone in your corner to help; Peggy Amdur is that person. Peggy and her team helped me through every step of the college process, pushing me to stay on top of my deadlines and brainstorming with me to find the perfect essay topics. As a huge procrastinator, I needed someone who was organized and knowledgeable about all the opportunities I could take advantage of while applying. But more importantly, Peggy taught me to be bold and brave in my application, and especially in my personal statement, which I believe paid off. She has an infectious personality and it is a pleasure working with her. I was extremely lucky to have this privilege because now I am headed to my dream school! Thank you so much for all you do!

Raag Venkat
Cornell University, Class of 2025

“As someone who started the college process unsure of all the colleges I wanted to apply to and which ones were on the table for me, I couldn’t have asked for better help and guidance than Peggy. When I met with Peggy she was immediately upfront with me about where my strengths were, what to expect in the college process, and what I could do to maximize every asset I had. When it came to truly getting into the thick of the college process, Peggy was with me every step of the way, calling universities to get the best understanding of every application, pushing me until we had the best essays, and addressing every concern I had about an application immediately and thoroughly. I can confidently say that even though the college process is hard work, I wouldn’t have gotten through it as easily and with as much support if I didn’t have Peggy ready to help at every step of the way. This fall I’ll be attending what has been my dream school for all of high school, and I can’t thank Peggy enough for getting me there.”

Cian Collins

Applying to 15 schools causes a lot of stress, but with Peggy by my side every step of the way, my college application process was a breeze. I got into my top school and owe it all to Peggy. Peggy is so determined, as she provides a unique perspective aiding in masterpieces of essays. Ensuring I was always on top of it, Peggy made the process less frightening. Peggy’s loads of experience guarantee one’s success as she has the biggest heart and is full of energy making the process exciting rather than dreadful. Peggy has so many clients but manages to make you feel so unbelievably important. I can not thank her enough for everything she did as I will enter next year studying my passion at my top school, and I couldn’t have done it without her.

Ella Miller
University of California – Santa Barbara 2025

In a year where I did not have the opportunity to visit a single college or attend any in-person information sessions, Peggy Amdur was my saving grace. From the moment we began working, everything that I completed was done so as a team. Many times I needed a morning, afternoon, and nightly reminder to finish whatever it was that I needed to, and thankfully passionate Peggy was there – with a smile that I could feel through the telephone – excited to help me accomplish my goals.

Next year I am very excited to be attending the University of Texas Plan 2 program and the Mccombs school of business. The UT honors application, which has 5 unique essays may seem daunting at first. Peggy – after many hours of conversation – knew exactly how to approach each essay in a unique way, which would best highlight my strengths as well as clearly explain to the university how I could better their school.

After one essay that I wrote, I remember Peggy calling me and saying that she cried of happiness when she read it. This highlights how much of a team player Peggy is. I truly feel that not only did she want me to be successful in my college search, because that is a given, but that also she was willing to put her heart and soul alongside mine, in a time which is supposed to be the most stressful in a young persons life.

While Peggy cannot guarantee college admission, I can promise you that at the minimum it is an honor to know Peggy and the critical skills that she taught me will be implemented in many parts of my life going forward.

Zander Feinstein
University of Texas – Austin McCombs Business and Plan ll Honors 25

Before starting the college process, I thought I could work independently and efficiently without a counselor. I was far from correct. Working with Peggy over the past 6 months allowed me to stay organized and calm during the process. She helped me manage my list, gave efficient and amazing feedback on my essays, and showed me how to portray my best self to colleges. Above all, Peggy always maintained a positive and fun attitude and kept me motivated throughout! As a result, I got into my dream school early decision and I could not be happier!

Anagha Gouru
University of Pennsylvania ‘25

“As the oldest child of my family, I was the first to undergo the college process, and was naturally slightly anxious. With Peggy, however, I learned multitudes about the college process and got into a school that I cannot wait to attend. Working with Peggy is a one of a kind experience because of her vast array of knowledge and her remarkable passion. Peggy helped me utilize my experiences and perception of the world to tell stories that also exhibited my personality traits for my college essays. After I would get accepted, her palpable excitement made me feel ecstatic, and hearing her screams of joy were almost better than the acceptances themselves! Peggy is an extraordinary, passionate person, and I could not be more grateful for all she has done for me.”

Truett Ramsey
Middlebury College 2025

Before the college process even began for me, I had an immense amount of anxiety. When I first met with Peggy, I immediately felt a sense of comfort and relief, and I knew everything would work out in the end. Peggy’s determination and ability to keep me in check with all my tasks allowed me to remain organized and ahead of schedule. Peggy frequently calls, texts, and checks in with me, not only to guide me throughout the process, but also to simply see how I am doing. I wouldn’t be attending my dream school without the support and guidance from Peggy. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such an amazing person.

Sydney Horowitz
The George Washington University Class of 2025

The college application process was one of the most stressful and confusing times in my life. Without Peggy Amdur’s help, I wouldn’t have found my dream program at the school I will be calling home for the next four years. If you’re looking for someone who will fight for you and act as a reassuring guide during this difficult time, I can attest that you would be incredibly lucky to work with Peggy. She is not someone who just looks at your grades and helps you pick colleges based on your stats. Instead, she really gets to know you as a person and has a seemingly endless supply of knowledge on universities I had never even considered. I am so thankful for Peggy and I don’t know if I would have been able to do it without her!

UCSB ‘25

With three completely separate career paths in mind, entering the college application process was, to say the least, intimidating. Thankfully, Peggy Amdur provided me with the tools, strategies, and organizational skills needed to conquer the monster that was my 15 college applications.

Extensive one-on-one consulting and thorough feedback on essays are just some of the benefits of working with College Choices. College choices taught me to harness my uniqueness and present it to each of the many diverse schools I applied to. Even after applying to schools, Peggy Amdur continued to counsel me on the school that would provide me with the best college experience and career path. I 10/10 recommend working with Peggy Amdur.

Jordan Sheldon
USC Annenburg Class of 2025

College Choices was immensely helpful in the college application process. First helping me cultivate a list of colleges to consider and apply to, then reading draft after draft of essays I wrote, and finally talking to me about the pros and cons of the excellent colleges I was accepted to, Peggy was always available to help. Throughout the stressful process, I knew I could rely on Peggy to be there to answer each odd question I came up with and quickly give useful feedback on essays.  Through high school, I did the work to get the grades, experiences, and skills colleges look for. Peggy helped me make all of my achievements shine and stand out from other candidates. Because of her help, I am able to attend an amazing school in the fall!

Brown University ‘25

Following the unprecedented events of the past year, Peggy was integral to navigating the changing college landscape. When I first met Peggy, she provided me with helpful insights and prerogative to being successful in the college process. When my transcripts were not turned in on time by my school to several of my early action colleges, Peggy was with me every step of the way, pushing me to grind out every application and reach out to schools. When looking over essays, Peggy provided honest yet compassionate feedback that uniquely bolstered my writing. I was incredibly anxious during the process, but Peggy made it bearable and unexpectedly exciting, even answering midnight emails (sorry Peggy!) to ensure the very best outcome! Peggy works with so many people, but really goes out of her way to make a connection with everyone she works with and to show up with infectious and motivating energy. This fall, I will be attending my dream school and I can’t thank Peggy enough for helping me make it happen!

Lucy Lasater
University of Pennsylvania 25

The college process can be very intimidating and tedious, but with Peggy’s guidance and help, everything went smoothly for me. In the beginning, I honestly had no idea where I wanted to apply, but Peggy gave me a great list of schools that matched my interests. Her knowledge and experience eventually helped me find my dream school,  and she supported my decision to ED there. Peggy reminded me of all the deadlines and essays I needed to keep track of and helped me to stay organized in the process. With every essay I wrote, I received great feedback so I knew what to fix. She was always on a call with me every time I submitted an application, and I’m so grateful to have had her help. She knows every one of her clients so well and truly cares about every one of us. Thank you Peggy!!

Sarah Luan
Rice University 2025

I was excited for the opportunity to work with College Choices myself after seeing how beneficial they were for my brother two years ago. Peggy’s extensive knowledge of the various colleges and programs that would best suit my needs was integral in narrowing down my choices for the application process. She respected my goal of applying early and made the process as efficient as possible. I truly believe the guidance I received from College Choices gave me the opportunity to have multiple offers available. I am very grateful for their help in finding the best college choice for me.

Kate Morsbach
Texas A&M 2025

“My stats: Applied to 10 schools, only two of them safety. Accepted into 7. Declined from 2. Waitlisted at 1. And in the end, I am attending my dream school; therefore, I consider my college admissions process a success, and I am extremely grateful to Peggy Amdur for helping me get to where I am today.

From the beginning, Peggy helped me be realistic; she pointed out my strengths and ensured that we were highlighting them in the most useful ways possible. She always kept me in the loop with new information or opportunities so that I could be fully aware of my possibilities.

Additionally, Peggy went through many drafts of my many essays to make sure they were a perfect representation of me on the page. I always knew that Peggy truly cared about me–she was my biggest cheerleader. Every time I got into a school, we would scream in excitement together, and whenever I got rejections, we brushed it off and focused on our successes together. She is a great teammate, coach, and cheerleader. Peggy is truly the whole package.”

Abby Brand
Vanderbilt University 2024

“Working with Peggy will not be normal — but normal is the last thing you want to be in the college admissions process. Her sheer dedication and emotion when it comes to getting you to where you belong can hardly be put into words, and she truly does provide a unique perspective that allowed me to take new approaches on writing essays that stray far from what a college admissions officer would expect. Most people hire a college admissions advisor to get through the ropes of details in every application, but when I hired Peggy, it was like she was applying to the schools with me. Her track record with successful students, and her warming yet dedicated personality truly stood out to me and I am confident that I wouldn’t have ended up where I am today without her help.”

Cole Jackson
University of Texas at Austin (McCombs School of Business & Plan II Honors) 2024

“The college process is notoriously unpredictable and challenging to navigate. However, Peggy brought years of experience of working in the industry to the table and provided clear guidance and direction. Not to mention, her energy is infectious, and her belief in her students never wavers. It was a pleasure working with her, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results!”

Anais Zhang
Dartmouth College Class of 2024

“Peggy has the biggest heart. She cares so much about every one of her students, and I could see that from the first time I met her. Peggy is supportive, encouraging, and has so much knowledge and experience with the college process. She helped me get into my dream school, and for that, I am forever grateful. Peggy truly is the best!!!!”

University of Michigan Class of 2024

“There is not enough I can even say to express my love and gratitude towards Peggy. I knew Peggy had so many clients and was always so busy, but she never failed to make time for me. I went in with the expectation of her acting just as my college counselor, but she was so much more. I walked out of this experience wiser, and knowing so much more about myself thanks to her. Through acceptances, deferrals, and denials, Peggy was by my side through it all. I could not have asked for anyone better to guide me through this process. I would not have gotten where I am today if it weren’t for her honesty, encouragement, advice, and for that, I will be forever grateful.”

Alexa Levine
Indiana 24

“Before I met Peggy, the whole college process seemed daunting to me. In our first meetings, we created a list of the best schools for me and what I wanted to study. Peggy introduced me to what turned out to be my dream school, WashU in St. Louis. Peggy walked me through how to approach my applications and submitted them with me once they were perfect. I am going to WashU in the fall thanks to Peggy’s help and I wouldn’t have gone through the college process any other way!”

WashU in St. Louis 2024

“The college process is very intimidating, stressful, and time consuming. However, Working with peggy makes you confident and prepared. Her consistency and passion towards all of her kids is the reason for why they all end up in such amazing environments. With Peggy by your side, it is impossible to fall behind and become lost. She is with you every step of the way and treats your future as if it was her own! Without Peggy I wouldn’t be in the position I am today! Hook Em!”

University of Texas McCombs 2024

“When I first started my college process, I was anxious, unprepared and stressed. Working with Peggy and Adam really helped alleviate the stress of college applications. They made sure I was ahead of deadlines, and kept track of all the forms and resumes I needed to complete. Moreover, Peggy’s expertise in the field helped me create and adhere to a concrete list of colleges that I would thrive at. Working with them was not only beneficial but was also filled with guidance, laughter and fun. Without their help I don’t think I would have been able to attend one of my top choices.  I am so grateful for all their help!”

Nikhil Ratnam
Boston College Class of 2024

“Peggy was crucial in helping me gain admission to Brown University. Competition for all Ivy League acceptances is fierce, but Peggy shared her insights from years of college admissions experience and her awareness of current trends with me. She helped me personalize my applications in a way that made me stand out from the tens of thousands of other applicants and earn acceptances to several of the country’s most elite schools. Moreover, Peggy is fun to work with The college application process can be nerve-wracking and stressful, but Peggy made it easier and enjoyable. I highly recommend College Choices!”

Gabrielle Day
Brown University 2024

“Heading into my senior year, I was completely lost in the college process. Peggy helped me find my way and provided valuable insight to my applications. She was always available to reach and made sure I was doing alright during stressful times. Her knowledge about the application process is unparalleled; she was always creative and honest about the direction of my applications. It was an honor to work with Peggy!”

Michigan ‘24

“The college application process is a very challenging and time-consuming one, but I could not have asked for better guidance than Peggy! Peggy kept me on track, but more importantly, got to know me and what colleges would be the best fit. I will be forever grateful for Peggy’s guidance, encouragement, and advice about the college process and beyond! HOOK ‘EM!!!!”

Haley Lieberman
University of Texas ’24

“When I first started to learn about the college process, I was extremely stressed. Being the oldest child in my family, everything was incredibly new to my parents and me. My family and I were overwhelmed by, not only the many essays I needed to write, but the numerous accounts, forms, and resumes that I had to keep track of. Once I began working with College Choices, I was relieved. Peggy and Adam helped make the college process manageable and enjoyable. They made sure that I was meeting all of my deadlines, submitting my best work, and that the schools that I was applying to were the best fit for me. I would not be where I am today without their expertise in the college process. I am so grateful for College Choices’ help.”

Morgan Hurst
University of Michigan Class of 2024

“Despite the extremely arduous and stressful nature of applying to the country’s most competitive schools, Peggy worked with me to be true to myself and to convey my story honestly, effectively, and passionately. With Peggy’s help, I was able to put forth strong applications that allowed admissions officers to get to know me as well as possible. Plus, Peggy even flew up to Pittsburgh to kick off the process of organizing and writing! Many thanks to Peggy’s watchful eyes!”

Mitchell D.
Yale Class of 2024

“Since I am the oldest in my family, my parents and I were confused and overwhelmed by the college application process. After I started working with Peggy, I felt much more confident about my application, and my stress was alleviated. Peggy motivated me to write essays over the summer, helped me brainstorm when I had no ideas, and always impressed me with how much she knows about every college I wanted to apply to. Peggy also made sure that I knew about every scholarship opportunity, and without her, I don’t know if I would have known about Tulane’s Dean’s Honors Scholarship. I applied for and received this scholarship for a full ride. Lastly, besides being a great aid to the process, Peggy was my biggest cheerleader and was always super supportive, uplifting, and positive! Long story short, Peggy is the best, and she made the college application process as fun and stress-free as it could have been! Thank you, Peggy!!”

Lily Baughman
Tulane University Class of 2024

“While the college process was as demanding as ever last year, Peggy was always somebody I could rely on. She kept me on-task, advocated for me, and gave me her undivided attention every time I needed her. I couldn’t have gone through this without her, and I’d recommend Peggy to anyone looking for guidance during this process!”

University of Southern California ‘24

“Peggy did an unbelievable job encouraging me throughout the college application process. Her ability to deepen my thought process and help me translate it onto my essays is unparalleled.

I could not of gotten accepted into my dream college without her help.”

Mason H.
Georgia Tech Engineering 2024

“College applications are a long and arduous process, but Peggy and Adam’s guidance proved invaluable in navigating the process. Every meeting with Peggy felt productive and helped alleviate all of the stress and concerns that arise due to college apps. Additionally, Peggy would always quickly respond to any text or phone call to answer questions that come up at any hour of the day. I truly do not know how I would have survived a senior year without the help of Peggy and Adam, and I strongly recommend working with them.”

Ryan Zlotky
Northwestern, Class of 2023

“Peggy was instrumental in helping me from the beginning to the end of the college application process- from crafting a strategic and reasonable list of schools to apply to until making a final decision about where to enroll. Peggy’s expertise in the college applications and commitment to getting each of her students into their dream schools was evident to me from the very start, which was why it was a pleasure working with Peggy.”

Reid Zlotky
Princeton University Class of 2023

“Peggy and Adam were always the highlight of my week. Their collective knowledge and experience in applying to college definitely gave me an edge. It was fascinating to learn that there are so many little details and strategies in an application, something that most people aren’t really aware of. Peggy and Adam always brought great laughter into my home, they made a stressful process so much fun I was a little sad when I finished my applications. Not only were they excellent college guidance counselors, they are now lifelong friends of mine.”

Jack H. Smith
Duke University Class of 2023

“Peggy and Adam were amazing throughout my college application process. We always got so much done and were so efficient with our time. They made it so enjoyable with their fun and humorous personalities, taking much stress off me and even making me smile and laugh throughout the difficult process. I got into my number one and dream school with the help of Peggy and Adam, and I  would have been lost without them. Thank you guys for all your support!”

Kristen Adams
University of Texas 2023

“I was very stressed about the college process before coming to Peggy and Adam. I didn’t know where to begin and was overwhelmed by it all. Peggy and Adam alleviated my stress and made the process as simple as possible. I looked forward to my meetings with Peggy and Adam because they made it fun while getting the job done. I’m so thankful for Peggy and Adam and all of their help!”

Ashley A.
University of Texas at Austin 2023

“Initially, the college process was very overwhelming to me. Aside from trying to figure out which schools I was interested in applying to, there were many forms, essays, accounts, and websites I was unsure of how to navigate. However, once I began working with Peggy and Adam, the originally daunting college application process became simpler, manageable and even enjoyable. College Choices not only helped me make sure I was organized and meeting every deadline but also helped me discover which universities were the best fit for me and how to present myself to them through my applications properly. I will be attending my first-choice school next fall all thanks to Peggy and Adam’s incredible work!”

University of Pennsylvania 2023

“I worked with Peggy and Adam for over a year. Her insight into the extremely competitive college application process and her willingness to advocate for me was priceless, and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with her. Throughout the whole process, she continually guided me on how to make myself stand out in a positive light as an applicant. I highly recommend working with Peggy and Adam.”

Vanderbilt 2023

“Peggy and Adam were incredible at helping me through all things college
process. From getting to know me in order to better inform my list, to
telling me realistically what my options were, Peggy and Adam made getting
into my dream school possible. They spent months working through all of my
essays with me to make sure they were perfect.”

Tufts, Class of 2023

“The team from College Choices has helped me immensely in finding the right college for me and I would not have been able to be accepted to so many great schools without their help. Their expertise guided me through the process and relieved so much of the stress of applications. I felt extremely confident in their knowledge and the advice they gave me. College Choices allowed me to be admitted to the college of my choice and be excited for my future.”

Claire Koonsman
University of Richmond, Class of 2019

“Coming into my senior year, I was completely lost in the college process. From the moment I met Peggy and Adam I knew they were the right fit for me. With their reassuring nature and friendship, they turned this intimidating process into an unimaginably fun and less stressful one. Not only did Peggy and Adam help me navigate the application system, they gave me emotional support and encouraged me the entire way. I was extremely worried about the reputably daunting college process and I was also concerned with my transcript. Peggy made me fearless and bold throughout this process and I can attest to the impressing abilities she has with operating the system while pushing her students to be the best they can be. It is safe to say I am incredibly happy with where I will be for the next 4 years and I have even learned more about myself as a person. Peggy and Adam are not just my college counselors, they are now family.”

Megha Manne
University of Texas at Austin, Class of 2023

“Since I started working with Peggy and Adam during my Junior year I always
felt so comfortable and confident that I was in the best hands for my
college admissions process. As the oldest in my family, my parents and I did
not know what we were doing and were so thankful for all the ways in which
Peggy and Adam helped us. Between writing my resume, dilling out the common
app, and writing supplementals, I always knew I had the best team behind me
guiding me towards the best decisions possible. The Amdurs are patient and
understanding but get down to business when the time is right. I am so proud
to say that I got into all 8 schools that I applied to and was able to pick
my life long dream school: The University of Texas! Long story short, Peggy
and Adam are the best of the best and I am so lucky I got the chance to work
with them!”

Kacey Cohen
University of Texas at Austin 2023

“The guidance that College Choices gave me throughout my application process eased the stress associated with this busy time. I most appreciated my personal discussions with Peggy and Adam. Through multiple progressive discussions, I was given valuable insight into each school I was interested in and professional suggestions for schools I hadn’t previously considered. With their systematic approach, the college application process became a clear timeline of events to be easily navigated. Step by step, essay by essay, my ultimate college choice became clear and I could not be happier with my final decision. I feel endless gratitude toward Peggy and Adam for enabling me to build a future I feel confident and enthusiastic about: my future at Skidmore College.”

Skidmore 2023

“The most daunting part of my life was the college application process, and Peggy not only alleviated that fear of failure but helped me to create the perfect application that was tailored to exemplify my personality. Peggy helped me to get into my dream school of Vanderbilt University, and she was available day or night for me. Though Peggy has lots of clients, she somehow makes everyone feel like they’re her only one.”

Trevor Hobbs
Vanderbilt University Class of 2022

“Being the oldest in my family, applying to colleges was unexplored territory for me, as well as for my parents. Peggy helped guide me the whole way, advising me on how to complete all of my applications, and giving me tips on what specific schools like to see in their applications, which I would never have known otherwise. Thanks to her, the college process was way less stressful, and in the end could not have worked out better! Thank you Peggy!!”

Ellie H.
University of Michigan Class of 2022

“I began this process incredibly unsure of myself and my ability to be admitted to any of the schools on my list. I was unsure what colleges were looking for in my application, and the entire process felt incredibly daunting. That all changed after I first met with Peggy. Not only did she help me create and refine nearly every aspect of my applications, but she also gave me the confidence I needed to make it through the college application process. With her and Adam’s help, I was able to form a more complete college list, write compelling essays, and, eventually, get into my dream school. Most of all, Peggy’s incredibly kind and welcoming demeanor is equally as impactful as her counseling expertise. I certainly wouldn’t be where I am now without her help. Thank you so much, Peggy!”

Allie Frymire
Caltech 2022

“College Choices was critical in helping my daughter earn acceptances at her three target schools, Georgetown, Boston College and Notre Dame.  In a competitive admissions process that came down to inches, Peggy gave us a foot.  She shared advice on admissions hurdles we didn’t even know about and gave her straightforward insights from decades of experience helping students apply to college.  In addition, my daughter greatly enjoyed working with Peggy who made the application process fun for her.  Our family strongly recommends College Choices!”

Paul Day
Catherine Day Boston College 2022

“Mrs. Peggy helped me significantly my senior year when applying for colleges. She guided me through the tedious process of college applications and kept me on track to get to where I am today. She gave me a lot of confidence in what I can do, and I know it will help me to achieve more in the future.”

Siri P
UCLA 2022

“Going into the college application process, I wasn’t even sure where I wanted to apply, much less, how to do it. Adam helped me through the whole process, from helping me find schools that I otherwise may not have considered, to helping me think of topics for my essays and helping to refine and perfect them. Thanks to Adam making the college application process so easy, I was able to enjoy a relatively stress free senior year. I truly believe that without Adam’s help and expertise, I would not have been admitted to many of the school’s to which I was.”

Marco Greco
Northeastern University 2022

“The college process seemed daunting and confusing initially. I had absolutely no idea where to begin. However, some family friends recommended Peggy; it made all the difference. The entire process opened up and became clear. Through hard work with Peggy throughout the summer, I finished all my applications by the time school started. This was without a doubt a lifesaver. Additionally, her essay help, resumé tips, and general application advice were all invaluable. Peggy was instrumental in my admission to the University of Texas among other Universities and honor programs. In fact, when one of my friends needed help appealing to a particular school, Peggy was the only name that crossed my mind. If you don’t want to make a mistake, go with the best. Thank you Peggy!”

Avram B. Steinberg
University of Texas at Austin Class of 2022

“Before I started applying to colleges I did not think I needed a counselor; I consider myself an organized and independent person. However, I truly could not have completed my apps without Peggy, as there is so much more to applying to colleges than organization, and Peggy is an EXPERT in everything college!  She treated me like a daughter, kept me on track, and gave me the confidence that I needed to go above and beyond on all my apps. I love her for being brutally honest, yet overwhelmingly supportive and humorous throughout the entire process. Thank you Peggy!

Thank You Peggy!! I will be forever grateful.”

Meera Jayaseelan
UT Class of 2022!

“Before meeting with Peggy I had no idea what to expect from the college application process, but after our first meeting I already felt comfortable with college applications. Peggy’s expertise and helpfulness guided me through the college application process in an efficient way. I would’ve been lost without her support and here genuine care for me propelled me to success! I was accepted into the college of my dreams and couldn’t have done it without her.

Thank You Peggy!! I will be forever grateful.”

Miles Schiller
University of Texas at Austin Class of 2022

“Not only is Peggy a qualified college counselor with extensive knowledge of colleges and universities, but she also has a dedication to each of her students like no other. On the night that my top choice school released decisions, Peggy was actively refreshing my status portal so I could check for updates.! This is just one example of Peggy’s commitment to the success of her clients in the college process.

Thank you, Peggy, for your guidance and support in this process. You are amazing.”

University of Texas 2022

“The college process is a very intimidating and frightening process for most high school students. It’s extremely difficult to find a starting place and, although my high school was pretty quick to get us started as juniors, by the time my senior year came around, I was still confused and lost. I didn’t feel like I was getting the individual attention from my high school’s college counselor. When I met Peggy, however, I immediately recognized that she knew what to do and how to help me. Not only did she work with me throughout the fall to help me find my dream school, but she also helped me get accepted to it ED.

She provided excellent support throughout the essay writing process; not only did she help brainstorm, but she provided edits, feedback, and more. Peggy was always just a phone call or text away. She responded to all my concerns almost immediately and really provided me with the support I needed. Not only is the college process tough in terms of workload, but it’s also very emotionally stressful. Without Peggy, her incredible knowledge of the college process, and her positive personality, I don’t know where I would be right now. Thank you so much, Peggy. I am so very grateful that I had the pleasure of working with you.”

Emory 2022

“Peggy stopped at nothing to get me admitted to my dream school. Right off the bat, I was able to notice her sincere compassion and care about not only me, but also about every other student she was working with. Peggy is truly on your side. At first, I was clueless when it came to writing the Common App essay. But, with her knowledge and advice, I was able to craft one of the best essays I’ve ever written to submit with my applications, and she helped to me make the application process stress-free and easy. Without her guidance, I would not have been able to use my time as wisely or finish the process as successfully. Thanks to Peggy, I am starting college at my dream school next month. Thank you so much for everything Peggy, I seriously couldn’t have done it without you!”

Kate M.
Emory Class of 2021

“The college process is inherently an intimidating time for highschoolers and their parents. It is tough to even find a starting point, let alone progress through and complete this process. Using information she gathered in our conversations during my Junior year, she guided my parents and I towards schools that made sense from us. From there, we honed in our list to schools that made sense in terms of academics, interests, and other criteria. Then came the actual applications, which can be clunky and confusing to complete in a timely manner. Peggy ensured that I had a complete and competitive application for each individual school while steering me through sometimes confusing parts of it. Additionally, her help with the numerous essays I had to write were invaluable. In the end, Peggy made the whole college process so much smoother with her extensive knowledge on all parts of it and helped me end up at a school that I love.”

Hayes Barton
Tulane University Class of 2021

“I could not have survived the college process without Peggy! Whenever I needed anything, I always knew she was a text away and that she would help me however she could, whether it was calling a specific college’s admissions office to get an answer or proofing my resume and essays for the hundredth time. She held me accountable and on task, but never made me feel burdened.

Peggy has countless stories that demonstrate her wealth of knowledge about the college process. She became like a second mom to me during my senior year and I’m so grateful that I had her dedication and support to guide me through this stressful time!”

Lea M
Washington University in St. Louis Class of 2021

“Peggy’s assistance, constant reassurance, and feedback throughout the college application process has my unparalleled gratitude. She served not only as a guiding light, but also a confidant with whom I could ask any and all of my questions knowing that her response was calculated and well informed. Thank you so much Peggy!”

Annie A. Barnard College
Class of ’21

“Peggy helped place our son in his dream school.  He went six for six with admissions to all colleges and invitations to all of their honors programs.  Peggy is thoughtful, strategic, and highly supportive.  She was a much needed shot of positivity during the process.  Peggy listens to her students, earns their trust, and ushers them effectively and efficiently through the application process.  She boosts the students to shoot for their greatest potentials while preparing them for realistic outcomes.
Thank you, Peggy.”

Michigan 2021…Go Blue!

“Peggy was an immense help in the college process. She has an established procedure that is tailored to each student in order to accommodate one’s needs. She helped me develop an outline for the entire journey that involved regular, achievable deadlines, which left me feeling accomplished and ultimately allowed me to complete everything earlier than needed. I would have been lost without Peggy, and I am extremely grateful that she was with me for every step.”

Grant K.
Stanford Class of 2021
(And accepted to all of my top choices)

“Looking back on my senior year, one of the reasons I was able to enjoy it so much was because of Peggy. Her immense compassion, dedication, and unwavering support made the stress of the college application process bearable. She kept me on track throughout high school, helping me decide where to apply, making sure I met my deadlines, and she was always so supportive of my ambitions. Peggy doesn’t waste time with unnecessary flattery or sugarcoating; she tells you exactly what needs to be done to reach your goals and does everything in her power to help you get there. She is so invested in every one of her students and I consider myself lucky to have been able to work with her. I have yet to meet a student who doesn’t love Peggy like their second mom. She is the greatest teacher, guide, and friend anyone could ask for, especially during one of the most stressful times in one’s life.

If you want your child to have the best shot with college applications, call Peggy now. She’ll get the job done!”

Madhav Nair
University of Virginia ‘21

“Peggy was a true partner at a time that could have been stressful for my daughter.  She has great knowledge and insight into the process of applying to college.  It’s like having an admissions insider at your dining room table.  I have no doubt that things will go just as smoothly every step of the way with my son who is a senior this fall. Megan, our daughter, is a student at Harvard Class of 2018.”

Michelle S

“Peggy’s advice and expertise were invaluable to us because our son was applying to California schools about which we knew very little.  Peggy’s knowledge of these schools, their preferences and the portfolio submission process was incredibly important.  Our son was admitted to every school to which he applied: USC, UCLA, Chapman, LMU, Vanderbilt, and UT.  Our son will be attending USC on a scholarship!!!”

Shannon S.

“Peggy is the BEST! We are on our 3rd child with Peggy! She is diligent and honest. All of our children have enjoyed working with Peggy and we have been very satisfied, as well.  Our two other children were able to get in to all the schools where they applied and were able to go to the college of their choice. You will not be sorry you hired Peggy. Only sorry you did not!”

Jan D.

“Peggy was the single greatest resource I had during my process of applying to colleges. She was incredibly helpful with deciding which colleges I should apply to as well as the application process itself. Knowing the ins and out of the college process, she was a necessity in helping me get all of my applications written, thoroughly edited, and submitted within the early deadline for every single university that I applied to. Her response rate for questions was phenomenal, sometimes sending feedback for questions within 2 hours of me sending them out to her. I don’t know how I would have gotten through the college application process without her and she is an absolute necessity to any student hoping feel confident in their applications and have a smooth and painless process in applying to college.”

Adam Konig
University of Michigan Class of 2019

“Mrs. Amdur’s enthusiasm and confidence is contagious and she goes over and beyond what others would have done.”

Hussain L.
Duke 2013
Duke Medical School 2017

“Peggy is awesome!  She enabled us to enjoy our son senior year.  She kept him on task and ahead of the game.  She developed a trusting and personal bond with him.  We are grateful for having her as part of our team.”

Barbra A

FullSizeRender“I would recommend Peggy to any rising senior who is feeling intimidated and overwhelmed by the college process (in other words—EVERY rising senior!) Her knowledge of the process is unmatched, and she helped me immensely to hone my skills into presentable, and ultimately successful applications. Peggy always focused, her time management is flawless, and she kept me on track every step of the way. Peggy is the best and I am deeply grateful to have crossed paths with her in the midst of a high-pressure time!”

Sadie L.
University of Texas 2020
P.S. I was accepted to every college I applied!!!

“At every step of the college application process, Peggy ensured I stayed on task, met my deadlines, and was sufficiently informed. She always showed up with a positive attitude and unerring punctuality. She did all this and was totally supportive without being invasive. When it came to applications she was always brimming with ideas and how to guide for the best application possible.”

Brent W.
University of Pennsylvania Class of 2020

“Peggy Amdur is, without question, the BEST!  I have never met someone with so much energy and passion for what she does.  Peggy truly cares about each and every one of her clients – she is their biggest cheerleader! –  And was always there for us whenever we had a question (or were in a panic!).  Even though we knew she was working with other students, she always made my daughters feel like they were special.  I never felt like there was any kind of competition between her clients.  When filling out applications, Peggy made sure that everything was submitted early, and was meticulous in reviewing every single document that was submitted. She truly knew which colleges would be the best fit for my daughters, and was realistic in her recommendations as to which colleges they should apply to — she was brutally honest, which was very refreshing!  One of our daughters is a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, and our other daughter is a junior at the University of Texas.  We can say, without hesitation, that these are the schools where our daughters belong — they are thriving both in and out of the classroom – and we have Peggy to thank for leading them in the right direction.  The money we spent on Peggy Amdur was money well spent!  We wholeheartedly recommend her!!”

Laurie C.

“A huge thanks to Peggy at College Choices for helping my son and I through a hectic few months of college applications. We are excited to say that he was admitted into all of his top choices. She is great to work with and knows what she is doing. I would recommend her to anyone who is willing to dig in and do the work with her. She will meet you at 6:30 in the am if that is what it takes to get something turned in on time. My only regret is I am out of kids for her to work with!”

Sheree Rose and Ryan Rose

“I would have been lost without Peggy Amdur during the college process. Peggy kept me organized and she knows what schools are looking for. She is a great resource to have along your college journey. I couldn’t be happier at Northwestern and I am so thankful that Peggy helped me get here.  Thanks for being the best!”

Brianna K.
Northwestern University Class of 2019

“Throughout the college process, Peggy was not only a college counselor, but a second mom to me. She is so knowledgeable about her field (this includes knowing about athletic recruiting and contacting coaches), and truly helps her students make the best choices when it comes to applying to schools. She knows how to help you every step of the way and is a very calming and reassuring presence during the very stressful college process.  Peggy is the best college consultant a student could ask for!”

Hayley I, Harvard Class of 2019

“…her peristence and passion, to follow through, is why my son has been accepted to three excellent colleges so far.”

Suzanne H.

“Peggy transformed what could have been an agonizing process into one that was most enjoyable for the entire family…[she] is a real asset to Dallas’ college-bound students and their families.”

Jeff L.

“Peggy was invaluable to us in navigating through the admission process.  She deserves the highest recommendation possible.”

Gary R.