We are sending Peggy our sincerest thanks for guiding us through the college admissions process this past year. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the results; our senior received multiple Ivy acceptances and will attend a HYPS school this fall. From day one, Peggy was so on top of every aspect of the admission process and what our senior needed to do to be well-positioned to gain acceptance to top choices. Her influence was calming, reassuring, ethical, realistic, and kind—and her team works intelligently, efficiently, and responsively. We are so grateful for every minute her team spent with us and furthermore, so thankful for her honesty. Peggy has a big place in our hearts!

Dana B.

How often have you found comfort by having a “friend in the business” when it came to making decisions in life?  When you hire Peggy and Adam, you don’t just get great advice, personalized service and amazing expertise – you get a real friend for you and your student.  Peggy has worked with our family at the private school, undergraduate and graduate school levels successfully.  When my children were accepted to their first-choice schools, I felt like it was Peggy and Adam’s only client getting accepted, because they are so caring, so involved and so trustworthy.  Their long list of accomplishments speaks for itself – their clients are accepted to the best schools all over the country, but what matters most to them is that your student applies to and gets accepted to the right school for them.  In this era where there is so much that feels out of your children’s control in this process, Peggy and Adam make it understandable, easy to navigate and fun!

Michelle F.

I can’t say enough good things about working with Peggy Amdur of College Choices. I knew from our first meeting that she was a dedicated pro at connecting with students and setting them on course to a promising college application experience. Peggy kept my daughter (and me!) organized through the overwhelming process of applying and auditioning to fine arts programs throughout the country. Her thorough approach and attention to detail ensured that my daughter’s resumes and essays were effective and memorable in representing her. In the end, my daughter was accepted to her first-choice dream school, and most of the competitive programs she applied to. Peggy is an extraordinary college counselor and so much more…she empowers our kids with honesty and encouragement, she’s a lot of fun to be around, and now I’m happy to call her my friend!

Lisa S.

The college application process can be very stressful for the student.  There are many variables used to make the right decision and the best fit. College Choices was a valuable resource for my daughters. Peggy gave advice about collegiate level athletics and choosing the best-standardized tests to take based on high school rigor and academics. She made excellent suggestions about college options. She is easy to work with and accommodates the busy high school student’s schedule. My daughters were admitted (early decision) to their respective first choice schools, HARVARD and The University of Pennsylvania (PENN).

Lori Isenberg – Dallas, Texas

To say that the college admissions process for kids and their parents is daunting, complicated, and stressful is an understatement.  Peggy and Adam with College Choices, however, made it a wonderful experience for our entire family.  We hired them to work with both of our sons, and with their help, both of our sons were admitted into their first-choice, highly-selective colleges.  Peggy and Adam’s extensive knowledge of the overall admissions process, as well as of the many wonderful institutions around the country, is remarkable.  Neither of our sons wanted to stay in Texas, and they both had very different interests.  Peggy and Adam were instrumental in finding the right fit for each of them and showed amazing attention to detail with each of their individual applications.  From the beginning, Peggy and Adam set achievable timelines, helped navigate finding good college matches, and worked very closely with our sons in thinking through the many required essays.  We never had to worry about application deadlines being met as Peggy and Adam managed them all directly and seamlessly with our sons.  They are remarkable at making the college process a positive experience for you and your child and are very focused on building up every child’s self-esteem.  We cannot imagine going through this process without them.  Their expertise and track record are second to none, but more importantly, they truly care about your child.

Shelly B.

From my first child to my fourth, I haven’t trusted anyone with the college application process but Peggy. From the first moment I met her, she was both delightful and professional. As we moved through university selection, she proved herself to be incredibly supportive, enthusiastic and loyal. She made the process much smoother, and my kids enjoyed working with her, often commenting about how much she cared. She was knowledgeable about the application process and helpful in motivating my kids to get their parts done. She kept them on track and insisted that they start early so they could enjoy more of their senior year; I found that to be incredibly thoughtful. As a result, they all did very well getting into the colleges of their choice: SMU, Vanderbilt, UT Austin McCombs, and UT Austin I am delighted to recommend Peggy!

Holly H.

Hiring Peggy and Adam made the college application process stress free for our entire family! She kept my twin daughters Ashley & Kristen on task with their calm presence and a great sense of humor. Best of all, my twins were both accepted to their dream school, The University of Texas at Austin! Peggy and Adam are the BEST!

Michelle Adams