Peggy Amdur – Founder

I started College Choices upon discovering the stress and disorganization often associated with the collegiate application process. Having previously owned many successful businesses and fast approaching ten years in the industry, I have honed a resume that includes, but is not limited to, a college counseling certificate from UCLA and a graduation certificate from the Summer Institute of College Admissions at Harvard College. My experience in customer service and my ability to personalize a student’s collegiate agenda is what makes College Choices successful. I have made a career out of helping students realize their full potential and removing the stress from the application process. College Choices is all about discovering a student’s “perfect university” and passionately guiding them toward a future in which they can achieve excellence.

My students apply to and attend many universities across the country. The most gratifying part of my job is receiving the “I got in!” phone call.

me Coco and Madison P.  |  USC – Class of 2019

How we are different?

  • Free consultation
  • Flexible hours
  • Will meet safely via Zoom
  • Scholarship searching
  • Financial Aid assistance
  • Works with Public, Private and Special Needs students
  • One-on-one meeting with essay expert
  • Services available starting your freshman year in order to better craft resume
  • Visit 15 – 30 college campuses per year
  • Belong to various organizations in the industry, willing to travel and will go the extra mile (literally) for students to get the newest information
  • Work with Graduate Students/ Law School
  • Advocate for students’ success
  • Graduate from UCLA – Certificate in College Counseling
  • Graduate of the Summer Institute of College Admissions at Harvard College

Trustworthy - 100%
Honest - 100%
Reliable - 100%
“I could not have navigated the confusing and convoluted college application process without Peggy Amdur as my guiding light. I truly believe that she is the best resource that anyone can have for themselves or their children, not because of the fact that she was available 24/7, not because she is, indeed, full to the brim of sagacious advice for getting into college (and being successful in life, for that matter), but for the way that she managed to make me and so many others feel confident and empowered in this unsure period of life that determines our future. Few people in this world could do Peggy’s job for one child, and the fact that she has been able to counsel hundreds of people in the individualistic way that she does is true evidence of her genius, competence, and dedication. I am eternally grateful to Peggy for all that she has done for me both in the college process and in growing as a person. It would be a mistake to not have her on your team.” -Sarah S. University of Virginia, Class of 2021