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May 22, 2018

With summer approaching right around the corner, you need to get your resume in shape! Most universities suggest you attach your resume as part of the application. Some schools like a LONGGGG resume, such as the University of Texas at Austin. Don’t be shy here. Brag about your accomplishments in your resume headline! You should highlight everything you have done since you entered 9th grade.

Did you go to Central America as part of a mission trip? Make sure it’s there. And be specific! Use strong action verbs on your resume, such as “produced,” “developed,” “facilitated,” “grew,” “spearheaded,” etc.

Your resume should list all of the sports, honors, and extracurricular activities you’ve done since you started high school. Were you part of a club archery team that met outside of school? You should mention it and discuss any leadership positions you had and highlight the accomplishments you achieved.

Also, list your GPA and ACT/SAT scores if they strong. If you have any high AP exam scores, I would list them as well.

Lastly, look at the university’s admissions page if they prefer a particular type of resume. Some schools will mention they only want to see a one-page resume. Other schools will not have a limit—this is where you mention EVERYTHING you’ve done as a high school student.

If you need help formatting your resume to ensure it stands out, contact Peggy and Adam Amdur to get started at 972-998-5810. Or visit us at our website at: www.collegechoicesforyou.com

We’re here to make sure you have the college of your choice.

Adam Amdur

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