The Resume

Blog 5 May 22, 2018 With summer approaching right around the corner, you need to get your resume in shape! Most universities suggest you attach your resume as part of the application. Some schools like a LONGGGG resume, such as the University of Texas at Austin. Don’t be shy here. Brag about your accomplishments in […]


The Essay: Part II

Now that your junior year is almost over, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to write in your college essay (see previous post on topics to consider). If you’re applying to colleges that utilize the Common Application (most colleges do), you are limited to telling your story in 650 words. You can choose […]


The Essay

You’ve heard all about it before, the College Essay (student runs from the hill terrified). Don’t be scared by the college essay. This is a great opportunity for students to shine and stand out from the pack. Students should embrace the freedom inherent within this component of the application; you already have your GPA and […]

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